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Plaza Fish Market

Serving the freshest seafood in Miami since 1980, Plaza Seafood Market is a popular stop for Miami locals who do not mind standing in line to buy fresh catch of the day or dine in the restaurant which serves seafood dishes from fish caught just hours earlier. Freshness and affordable prices are the main reasons clients keep coming back. If you are in the area, stop by, you will love it
Plaza Fish Market

Seafood Restaurant

Take off your suite and put on your t shirt, this local seafood hotspot is anything but formal dining. Our seafood restaurant is more about fresh ingredients and informal dining at a friendly environment. Order your favorite dish at the window and it will be served minutes later. Grab a table or join one and dine on the freshest seafood you can find. But you better come early, because by lunch time, locals stand in line for fresh seafood dishes is served at affordable prices.

Plaza Fish Market Offers

Miami food Latin flavor on point no restaurant has anything on this place. The fish empanadas are amazing.

Richard R.

Wow, this place is awesome. I came around 5 p.m. and it was pretty busy. Found parking as soon as i got there. Had the fried shrimp with red beans and white rice, it was delicious, the shrimp tasted super fresh

Andy A.

The food was absolutely amazing. The expeditious service and pacing of the kitchen is equally impressive.

Andrew M.